Alexander „Kelox“ Miller

Alexander "Kelox" Miller has been dancing since the age of 12 and is known for his combination of enormous flexibility & acrobatics. Inspired by design, art, performance & contemporary dance he developed his own style in combination with classical breaking elements. He gained first experiences with dance theater in 2011 in German-Polish exchange projects such as "aufTakt" in Bautzen or "Odyssee" in the Polish Jelena Gora, followed by engagements for the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, the Urban Dance Company "Nobulus" in Salzburg (Austria) and the Dresden based go glastic company. Parallel to his work at the theater, Kelox established as one of the founders in February 2013 the crew "THE SAXONZ", a team of Saxony's most extraordinary breakers, who focus on international competitions and the promotion of breaking culture in Saxony. Winning the German Battle of the Year qualification in 2014 and 2015 increased the popularity of the group and enabled many cross-genre cooperations, such as the cooperation with the Ballet of the Semperoper Dresden, for the Day of German Unity 2016, or the viral advertising clip "Life is a Dance" for the Free State of Saxony. In addition to his dance career, he studied visual communication at the Bauhaus University Weimar and graduated with a Master of Arts degree in 2017. His natural passion for dance brought him to the Palucca University of Dance Dresden in 2018, where he graduated with a Master of Arts degree in choreography in October 2020. Alexander "Kelox" Miller works as a freelance dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and graphic designer.

Foto: Erik Groß