Benjamin Schindler

Benjamin Schindler is a filmmaker and video artist. He got to know and love the world of visual narration as a programme cinema operator, photographer and illustrator. From 2006-2012 he studied media arts at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. While still a student, he founded the artists’ collective zeitgebilde and began to develop virtual stage sets for theatre and opera productions. Until today, this has resulted in numerous cooperations with dance companies, musicians and performers with whom he regularly works. He is co-founder of the ensemble shortfilmlivemusic, with which he created a film-musical trilogy on the history of migration in the FRG and GDR and performed documentary performance formats internationally. Benjamin works transmedially, often finds his material abroad and has filmed in India, Gambia, Spain, Great Britain, Taiwan and the USA. His experimental documentaries deal, among other things, with the search for self-determined ways of life, the influence of stories on history, the search for identity of societies and the influence of virtual realities on our reality. The films were made with arte for the cinema, among others, but were also shown at festivals and in some cases as installations in exhibitions. Since 2017 he has been managing director of zeitgebilde Filmproduktion, a workshop of ideas for hybrid forms, political and socially relevant formats with attitude and ambition.