Ernst Markus Stein

Ernst Markus Stein was born in Mittweida. He studied art at the Kunstakademie Münster and at the Universität der Künste Berlin, where he also absolved a Meister under the direction of Lothar Baumgarten. He is a founder of the DIY Church Radio, is a co-director of West Germany, and curates and helps support the Berlin, Zentrum Der Netzkunst. He has performed at Transmediale and Cosmosmose Festivals, and has produced numerous works for radio shows and galleries. He works often under his DJ Moniker ‘DJ Schlucht’. Stein’s work encompasses paintings, sculptures, digital and analogue drawings, net art, sound, radio plays, graffiti writing, fairytales, performances, installations, photographs, textiles, conceptual art, and animation. Despite his artistic expression being so eclectic, all of his works have a strong recognition value. He speaks in many tones, but always with one unique voice. This voice can be recognized throughout his oeuvre as it tells stories about the human condition. He lives and works in Berlin.