Maria Chiara de‘ Nobili

Maria Chiara de’ Nobili was born in Naples in 1995. She got her Bachelor in contemporary dance at Dancehaus (Milan). Afterwards, she moved to Israel and joined the KCDC dance journey program for ten months where she started choreographing short pieces for other members of the program. Between 2016 and 2018 she worked as a dancer for the Elephant in the Black Box dance company in Madrid. In June 2018 she was one of the choreographers hosted by La Biennale di Venezia College Choreographers (Venice). In the same year, she joined Palucca Hochschule for the Master Choreography.

In 2019, she created “QUBE” (premiered in Mendrisio) and “Dandelion Clock” (premiered in Dresden). Furthermore, she worked again for La Biennale di Venezia as a guest choreographer, creating and dancing “Wrap”, a full evening piece. She co-created the opening for the new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau and created “The Answer’s in the Eye”, a solo work for the Palucca Tanz Studio in Dresden.

While being involved as a dancer for the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, she is working on two new creations. One of them is VORTEX, in collaboration with media artist Ulf Langheinrich, that will be premiered in HELLERAU.

TANZPAKT Dresden Portrait Maria Chiara de'Nobili
Foto: Jana Mila Lippitz