Lotte Mueller

"Im/Mobility deals with physical, mental and social mobility. How are mental and spatial mobility related? How much internal and external mobility do we allow? And what personal experiences do I have with un- or limited mobility? We will deal with these questions of physical, mental and social mobility for the circus-dance space stage piece."

Artistic Direction, Concept & Creation: Lotte Mueller
Performance & Co-Creation: Karoline Aamås, Florencia Buzzo, Tatiana Cholewa, Darian Koszinski, Olga Tabitha Xavier
Dramaturgy: Alina Tammaro
Technical Direction: Till Neumann
Costumes: Elisabeth Fritsch
Production Management: Josepha Vogel
Documentation Video & Trailer: Georg Pelzer

A production by Lotte Mueller. In coproduction with TANZPAKT Dresden, HELLERAU – European Centre of the Arts and Villa Wigmann. In cooperation with LOFFT - DAS THEATER.