Nano Giants

Polymer DMT / Fang Yun Lo

We deal with the big questions: are we big or small? Do we move, or are we moved? What is alive, what is dead?

For preparation we have looked extensively into different traditions of puppet and object theater, especially in the Czech Republic and Taiwan. How do puppeteers deal with their puppets? When does a thing become alive, when does a human movement become mechanical and dead? From these observations we will create a piece of theater magic for the whole family together with four performers and a musician and illustrator from Dresden.

"Nano Giants" is a dance/performance piece for young audiences from 4 years on.

Creation: Polymer DMT Team
Performers: Salim Ben Mammar, Chih Wen Chung, Hsiao-Ting Lee (inquired), Baptiste Bersoux (inquired)
Direction, Choreography: Fang Yun Lo
Stage: Cheng Ting Chen
Music: Marie Schulze
Illustrator: Agnes Gunawan
Lighting Design/Technology: Max Rux