Occupying Eden

Anima(l)[us] / Rosalind Masson

"Occupying Eden" is a multi-species durational performance in which an imagined ecological paradise is gradually created. As it unfolds, the audience is invited to engage with the environment: with the plants and performers which co-inhabit the space.

Guided somatic sessions invite the audience to connect with plants through their senses and set the mood for the performance of the plant-inspired choreography. A form of vegetative voguing that celebrates the non-binary and reciprocal nature of our photosynthesizing allies.

"Occupying Eden" invites the audience to stay for as little or as much of the performance as they desire and participate in plant/human somatic workshops and daily performances.

Direction/Concept/Choreography: Rosalind Masson
Design: Chell Young
Production Assistant & Plant Costume Design: Irina Steinbrecher

Fernando Balsera

Fernando Balsera was born in Madrid where started his dance training and got graduated from Environmental Engineering. He got a Postgraduate in Contemporary Dance at The Place, London. After graduation he has worked for MotionHouse Dance Theater in the UK and Gabriella Maiorino, Lilach Livne and Simone Sandroni in Amsterdam and Munich.

Since 2011 Fernando lives in Berlin and has worked for Toula Limnaios and Shangchi Sun as a dancer and as assistant director for Constanza Macrass Dorky Park.

From 2012 until 2016 Fernando was part of the ensemble Wee Dance Company- Gerhart Hauptmann Theater Görlitz where he has worked as dancer, choreographer and teacher.

Currently he works as a freelance dancer for Sasha Waltz and Guests, Szene2Wei Inklusion Tanz Kompagnie and Helene Weinzierl, Cie Laroque. He has worked for Hagit Yakira Dance (London, Uk), Shangchi Sun, Plan Mee- Eva Borrman, Canan Erek, Luis Lara Malvacías- Jeremy Nelson, Ruben Reniers, Rosalind Masson, Junk Ensemble (Ireland), Meg-Stuart and Ivo Dimchev.

As facilitator, Fernando teaches regular training in several dance companies: Pforheim StadtTheater, Landesbühne-Sachsen, Tanz-Art, Wee Dance Company-Gerhart Hauptman Theater, Tanzfabrik.

Solène Weinachter

Solène’s love for dance started when she was 5 doing pirouettes (only) on her kitchen floor. Later she formally trained in the regional conservatoire of Lyon and then pursued her training at London Contemporary Dance School where she obtained a BA(Hons) and an MA in contemporary dance and performance. This is where she met Rosalind Mason in 2007.

As a dancer, Solène path includes collaborating with Scottish Dance Theatre, Lost Dog (directed by Ben Duke), Troubleyn, Gecko, Vera Tussing and Oona Doherty.

Solène is a co-founder of the Glasgow based music/dance Collective Endeavours and has started to develop her own solo work in 2020.

In cooperation with Dance North (SCT). Supported by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, the City of Dresden, Office for Culture and Monument Protection and Creative Scotland.

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