Asphaltwelten Part 2

Cindy Hammer & Joseph Hernandez

Research Residency in Cooperation with Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest

Cindy Hammer and her go plastic company are dealing with the topics of shelter & life on the street in 2020/21. As part of her research residency, she will be traveling with Joseph Hernandez to Trafó in Budapest. Since 2018, life on the street is prohibited by law there. The increasing stigmatization and the resulting friction are starting points for their artistic research. The residency period will be used for a city dialogue between Budapest and Dresden: Two couples in two cities working on the same theme at the same time: Susan Schubert (dramaturg) & Christian Novopavlovski (performer) in Dresden, Cindy Hammer (choreographer) & Joseph Hernandez (performer) in Budapest. Their theme: physicality without a place to stay. How does urban space offer us shelter? How do moving interventions and actions in urban space function and irritate? Which environment do we seek and create for ourselves? When do we appear, when do we occupy, when do we open up public spaces with our bodies?

Afterwards, the team will travel through various cities in Europe, where they will continue their research. They will premiere the results and questions resulting from their research in autumn 2021 with the TANZPAKT Dresden coproduction "Asphaltwelten Part 3" in HELLERAU.

The two artists Cindy Hammer and Joseph Hernandez portrayed in front of a bush under a bridge
Foto: Jana Mila Lippitz